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Red Yellow Trail V-Runner Pro - Universal Non-Slip Barefoot Shoes - ComfortWear Store

Red Yellow Trail V-Runner Pro - Universal Non-Slip Barefoot Shoes

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Ready to take your trail running to a whole new level? Introducing Trail V-Runner Pro Non-Slip Barefoot Shoes that offer you the ultimate in sensory performance and natural mobility for your feet. They're the perfect fit for both narrow and wide feet!

What sets the Trail V-Runner Pro apart?

✓ Ultra-Thin Sole - Experience the terrain beneath your feet like never before. Our thin-soled design encourages you to connect with your environment, offering your feet the authentic barefoot feeling.

✓ Wide Toe Box - We believe in giving your toes the freedom they deserve. Our barefoot shoes come with a broad toe box that lets your toes spread naturally, ensuring ultimate comfort in every stride you take.

✓ Superior Grip - The robust, grippy outsole offers exceptional traction and grip, providing security and confidence on challenging terrains, wet or dry, rocky or muddy.

✓ Durable & Breathable Mesh - Crafted with a durable, lightweight, and breathable mesh material that fits like a glove, maintaining the barefoot sensation while offering optimum protection.

Trail V-Runner Pro Barefoot Tech System: Our anatomically shaped, zero-drop soles mimic barefoot walking, fostering natural movement, and improving alignment and posture.


Experience the exhilarating feeling of barefoot trail running risk-free for up to 45 days. If you're not completely satisfied, return them for a full refund, guaranteed!

Experience why the Trail V-Runner Pro is hailed as the Ultimate Barefoot Trail Running Shoe in the USA. We stand by our product. Feel the trail, feel the freedom!