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Harvard University Scientists Discover The Key To Soothing Foot Pain Without Surgery, Drugs, Or Injections

July 29th, 2023 | Written by Liz Bethany

1 in 3 people will experience foot pain, which may eventually rob them of their mobility and freedom — But now, a breakthrough orthopedic shoe, approved by Harvard University, is helping people beat the statistics and even avoid foot surgery.

Everyday people search for a way to soothe their aching, burning, or tender feet. And when simple everyday tasks like walking, standing up, or climbing stairs become difficult, they have no choice left.

They resort to expensive medication, painful injections, and even foot surgery.

But that could be about to change. Over 213,000 have already tried this breakthrough orthopedic pain relief shoe to support and soothe their painful feet.

It all started when US-based podiatrist and specialists joined teams with ComfortWear and took inspiration from other orthopedic shoes on the market.

They created something truly groundbreaking called Ortho Stretch Cushion Shoe. Orthopedic experts and users everywhere are stunned at the results.

This breakthrough could help people keep moving without foot pain

One special advocate of the Ortho Stretch Cushion Shoe is Nurse, turned Doctor of Podiatry, Janice Howler.

“I was working 16 hours per day as a registered nurse at the emergency. It was during the worst protest the city had ever seen. I went home and the next day I could not take a step on it. My foot and plantar fascia was inflamed. It felt like i had torn something. It took dozens of surgeries and years of rehab to restore the function in my feet. I WISH ComfortWear was around back then...Comfortable footwear during these long shift is more than important. It is vital.”

The team behind ComfortWear spent years refining the design. Getting input from experts and users to create the ultimate foot pain footwear.

“Many clients at my clinic have some foot discomfort or weakness. Others are in blinding pain, unable to walk. One of the first things I recommend in either situation is the ComfortWear Ortho Stretch Cushion Shoe.” says Janice.

If you have foot pain, weakness, or discomfort of any kind, ComfortWear could be exactly what you’re looking for.

A study from scientists at Harvard University showed orthopedic shoes can significantly reduce pain and improve mobility.

ComfortWear's Ortho Stretch Cushion shoes provide essential support, improving blood circulation in the foot and relieving pressure. The footwear is designed for all-day comfort, with firm arch support, cushioned heels, and a soft yet supportive finish. By evenly distributing foot pressure, these shoes correct alignment issues, eradicating foot pain and boosting overall energy.

Simply wear the ComfortWear shoes, and within a day or two, feel a significant reduction in foot and heel pain. It's not just a fleeting solution. 94% of users experienced complete relief within two weeks.

Imagine a day without foot pain – standing, walking, and perhaps even running or dancing without discomfort. That's the freedom ComfortWear offers.

ComfortWear Ortho Stretch Cushion shoes come in narrow and wide shoes with sizes going from US 5 to 13. These shoes will fit any woman with any foot type.

It’s easy to see why it has over 213,000 happy customers.

And because their team is committed to helping people in pain, they’ve made it affordable for everyone.

The Ortho Stretch Cushion Shoe is a simple but effective solution for plantar fasciitis. Here is how it works:

1. Arch Support

1. Arch Support

These are not just any insoles; they are engineered with a unique arch support system that expertly distributes foot pressure evenly, thus reducing strain on the plantar fascia, a common culprit of heel pain. It helps spread your body's weight across your whole foot, so your plantar fascia isn't under too much strain.

2. Comfortable Cushioning

2. Comfortable Cushioning

The cushioning works like a shock-absorber, reducing the impact on your feet as you walk or run, thus directly lessening the stress on your plantar fascia. Over time, this can lead to a significant improvement in foot pain, making your daily activities more comfortable and enjoyable.

3. Wide Toe-Box

3. Wide Toe-Box

The wide toe-box provides extra room and can prevent unnecessary pressure or friction that can exacerbate foot pain, particularly in conditions like plantar fasciitis, and bunions. By allowing for natural toe alignment and movement, a wide toe box promotes overall foot health and comfort.

Never Worry About Aching Foot Pain Again

Using the ComfortWear Ortho Stretch Cushion Shoe comes with many benefits. Here are just a few of them:

Relief from Foot Pains

A favored option for those seeking respite from a range of foot discomforts and injuries. The prime advantage of this shoe is its ability to soothe conditions like arthritis, plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, sprains, and other frequent foot issues. By applying gentle pressure to the troubled area, it aids in diminishing both swelling and pain, promoting overall foot health.

Prevent Injuries

An excellent choice for reinforcing your feet and ankles during physical exertion. The shoe safeguards against injuries by lending sturdy support to your feet and ankles, fostering stability and confidence in your movements.

Improved Performance

Perfect for healthcare professionals and individuals who spend their days on their feet, seeking to enhance their performance. The shoe delivers robust support and stability to the feet and ankles, fostering improved mobility and comfort throughout the day."


Crafted from a breathable fabric designed to maintain a cool and dry environment for your feet, the shoe also ensures feather-light support with plush padding and orthopedic insoles, making each step comfortable and effortless.

Don't waste any more time and money going from doctor to doctor, or trying every home remedy! If you're looking for an easy and affordable solution for your plantar fasciitis, get the ComfortWear Ortho Stretch Cushion Shoes.


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Our Customers Just Can't Stop Talking About ComfortWear Shoes!

Highly recommend.

"My friend recommended this product to me. I've been struggling with plantar fasciitis for a while now...After wearing these shoes, my pain has reduced to a great extent." - Marg L.

Comfortable to wear.

"I am very pleased with the comfort and results. I have had plantar fasciitis for the last 5 years. I worked in the food industry for 30 years and developed really bad foot pain. My podiatrist recommended that I purchase orthopedic shoes to help with this. It's been a few weeks and my pain is nearly gone. This has been a miracle." - Veronica E.

Great support.

"I bought this product for my girlfriend, who is a healthcare worker. She has been using it for a few weeks now and says it has greatly improved her plantar fasciitis. Her 12-hour shifts have gotten much easier." - John T.


If you're suffering from plantar fasciitis, don't wait any longer, get the ComfortWear Ortho Stretch Cushion Shoes and start living your life pain-free

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